Top 10 pressing List of Social Problems that will change the shape of the world:

List of Social Issues that are rapidly changing the shape of the world.

We might have moved into the 21st century with a lot of development in a lot of field. We’ve witnessed some major breakthroughs in various fields but along with achievements, we’ve had some real problems emerging into our world. The problem just keeps getting bigger and bigger as the populations increases. These are the top 10 pressing social problems that are rapidly changing the shape of the world and affecting us directly or indirectly:

1 The Refugee Crisis:


As the War and Conflict arises in different parts of the world, especially the middle east, Refugee Crisis has been building up and proving to be a major hurdle to be tackled by countries all around the world. As hundreds of thousands of people flee violence in Syria and the middle east conflict zones as well as other conflict zones around the world, governments in Europe and the U.S. are grappling with how to resettle them.

There’s no any fixed declared system to protect refugees. In fact, countries try to stay away from the refugee crisis and try to ignore the problem as it doesn’t exist.  From the Mediterranean Sea to the edges around the world, refugees are left alone to starve and stay without rights and privileges.

An estimated nearly 20 million people have already been unfortunate to become a refugee and go away from home due to various dangers. The governing bodies are responsible to take care of them but the efforts don’t seem to be enough. The countries have their problem with the tolerance of the people with the refugees and the spread of terrorism.  Because of this, Refugee Crisis is one of the hardest social problems to be solved in the world today.

2  Climate Change :


One of the most important but overlooked social problem, also one of the hardest to resolve is climate change. The world has been constantly changing climatically but in recent years, human effect has escalated that change by many times. It’s getting hotter, wetter, drier, colder in unexpected rates at various places around the world. Global warming is still a major issue to be solved and because of that the sea level rise, pollution and other adverse outcomes of our development keep hampering the climate.

Scientific studies reveal that most of the Climate-warming tendencies within the last few centuries are a direct result of human efforts, our homes, industries, cars are all helping make the earth’s climate worse. Governing bodies are trying to reduce the effect by trying to reduce the carbon emission but the degradation is growing faster than the improvement.  If it’s not now, it’s never. We will never have another earth to live if we don’t save this one.

3 Poverty and Hunger Crisis


Where there is poor, there is hunger. As the third world developing countries get poorer by day , the people get poorer and hungrier. Not to forget rich countries have poor people in a large scale too but not as much as starvation level poor. Many countries around the world are having serious poverty issues. Poverty is both the cause and effect of a third world country. But what is poverty? According to the United Nations standard, people who are living with $2.5 per day or less are considered poor. If they live with $1.25 per day or less, it is considered extreme poverty. Unfortunately, poverty is a massive problem of the world, and around 1 billion of the people who live in poverty are innocent children. 22.000 of these children die every day due to poverty.

Poverty and hunger represent the biggest threat facing the world today. A country cannot develop with empty stomachs and a country that cannot compete in a competitive market gets poorer day by day. The situation only worsens along with time. Approximately 1.29 billion people in the world are living in absolute poverty. Human aids come from the developed countries but it never gets enough as the poor are getting poorer by day.

Scarcity of Drinking water


Water is perhaps the most essential thing to build life and civilization. We cannot imagine our life without water. From the life source to being a source of energy. Water is the most essential resource on Earth. Can you imagine being thirsty and having no water to drink or getting contaminated water to drink when you’re in the need of water? It might seem easy for people with water access but millions of people around the world don’t have that privilege.  They don’t have water, and they cannot buy it. Water cannot be grown like other things; it might be renewable but if the source is degraded then there’s no solution. Statistics show that an estimated number of around a billion of people do not have drinking water and no access to it; 400 million of them are children. They are limited to contaminated and very little amount of water everyday which causes serious health problems.Over 2 billion people in the world do not have proper sanitation.  The scarcity of water leads to the depletion in agriculture and in health and this leads to poverty. So, Scarcity of water is a major social problem.

5 Drug Abuse

A social problem that has become a trend for a long time. Drug Abuse has been a big threat to the society. Especially teens are prone to drug abuse. Different reasons like Peer pressure, family issues or an urge to experience a thrill make people start doing drugs but they don’t realize how they can get addicted to it. Some drugs are so addictive that once a person gets addicted, they can never go off it. Drug addiction is actually a frustrating disease which is very hard to cure, it requires both physical and mental willpower to get rid of.

Walking away from drug addiction is not easy because drugs affect your brain in such a way that it encourages compulsive drug use so even if a person is willing to quit, his brain conditions make it very hard for him to quit.

6 War and Terrorism

Everyday these days, every time we read the news, we can read tragic news about many lives being lost because of war and terrorism. Over the years, different types of wars like civil wars, cold wars, identity wars have been ruining human civilization. Due to terrorist groups like IS, People still live in terror in most of the Islamic countries where freedom have been totally ditched. There are many kinds of terrorism but all have the same effect on people. People have to abandon their lives and become a refugee to get away from it or lose their lives while doing nothing wrong. Powerful countries have been constantly trying to abolish terrorism but it has only gotten worse with time. Terrorism has helped destroy thousands of lives and turned beautiful countries into a pile of rubble. People are suffering around the world because of it and it has to be stopped in order to gain peace.

7 High Unemployement or Underemployement

The population is rising very fast but the opportunities for the skilled are getting lesser and lesser. Unemployment is one of the biggest crises the world is facing today. According to ILO, there were around 73 billion jobless people in the world in 2014. The problem of unemployment is not only limited to third world countries. People even in advanced and emerging countries are struggling to find job today.

It is almost impractical to grab the vitality or fragility of something as baffling as the U.S. market. However, the lackluster financial performance of the country still is a matter of big concern. The higher unemployment rates are evident from the studies in the past couple of years. There’s yet another indicator, that could be even more crucial – underemployment. The essential difference in unemployment and underemployment comes up placing two groups together:  part-time schedule workers and marginally hooked workers. For several economic reasons, high unemployment and underemployment are the biggest challenges across the world today.

8 Population Growth:


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We humans surely know how to grow. We’re the only species to grow this large in this small time frame on Earth. Global human population growth amounts to approximately 75 million every year, making population growth one of the most severe problems in the world. With growing population, the world has to suffer from other bigger issues like unemployment, poverty and shortage of natural resources.

We have grown a lot of population over the fast fifty years. There were 2.5 billion people in 1950 and now we have 7 billion people. The numbers are estimated to go over 9 billion till 2050. Along with the growing populations comes more problems as the demands increase and the ability to provide decreases.

We are already facing the scarcity of resources now – if the population goes up at the same rate, our future generations have no any option but to suffer.

9 Homelessness

Homelessness basically means not having a home. Homelessness has been one of the oldest problems in the world, but it really took off during the Industrial Revolution. In the US, one of the most powerful countries which has the highest GDP in the world, there were over 610,000 people who were in homeless shelters on any given night surveyed in January 2013. Almost a quarter of them were children under age 18. There are many reasons for it like poverty, violence, refugee crisis. People who are homeless don’t get any education or privilege from the government which eventually turns them to go to the wrong way to earn and commit crimes, involve in drug abuse and it only helps to make the society worse.

10 Spread of Infectious diseases


People nowadays are much terrified of epidemic diseases. They fear that such diseases would wipe out the mankind in the coming future. Infectious diseases like AIDS, yellow fever, EBOLA have been causing millions of deaths globally each year. Disease breakouts are very uncommon and, every time they take place, they tend to be exaggerated. In the last few years, we have seen a great deal of handwringing and fretting over swine flu, bird flu and various health problems. A disease break-out takes place when a disease does occur in higher volumes than predicted in an area in a time period. A break out could happen in just one place or even grow to many nations. It is able to continue from weeks to many years. At times just a single instance of a transmittable disease is widely seen as a break-out. This could be true if it’s a mysterious disease to a community.






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